The international team of Richard Schütze Consult works for you on an exclusive level. This promise is backed by experts from various disciplines who want to awaken, confirm and exceed your expectations.

Sustained results do not come about from one day to the next – the team of Richard Schütze Consult accompanies you and your institution in its task and helps you to be successful as an institution and individual. The consultants, trainers and lecturers in the team prepare you and your colleagues and employees for this success, taking into account your wishes and personal resources.

Our team is comprised of specialists from various areas:
► Experts from industry (e.g. automotive, aeronautics)
► PR and policy consultants (PA)
► Personnel consultants and managers of personnel departments
► Former heads of works councils and managers of trade union institutions
► Business consultants as well as economists and business administrators
► Social scientists and psychologists
► Journalists and moderators (TV and radio)
► Linguists and communication coaches
► Jurists, philosophers, theologians
► Artists persons engaged in the cultural sector as well as directors and actors