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Person and character

Every person has an inviolable dignity. Being human means being a person. A self-aware intellectual and spiritual center of decision-making reflecting on itself and the world, an ego in its own body. Being human means living in time and space, developing, being formed, identifying oneself and the creator. By experience, upbringing, education and independent education. Recognizing the world, "having" the world within and without oneself, "being" in the world of others and things.

As a human person, we continue to develop our own character by acts and omissions, by experience and knowledge and mature as a personality. Often, we cannot change our circumstances or other people, or only a little – but we can always find our way, adapt and change ourselves.

We are influenced by important impressions: people we meet, experience we make and events we experience. By reflection upon it and our actions, an individual and unmistakable person is formed. If one finds oneself and continues to develop one's personality, one is suitable as an example and to guide other people.