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Overview of our services I

Public Affairs
• Planning and implementation of PA concepts
• Definition of goals and actions
• Development of argumentation strategies
• Establish topical and communication platforms
• Network and contact management in the political/administrative area
• Dialog with decision-makers and opinion-leaders
Medium presentation in print, TV, Internet and radio
• Organization of parliamentary evenings, hearings, etc.
• Editing dossiers, argument files and FAQs
Change management
• Personality as brand
• Development of business culture
• Personnel and organization development
• Moderation of change processes
• Conflict mediation
• Scenarios prior to radical changes
Public relations
• Planning and implementation of PR concepts
• Core messages and metaphors
• Ghostwriting of presentations and speeches
• Media management and topic placement in print, TV, Internet and radio
• Initiating and accompanying appearances in public and the media
• Maintenance and expansion of press contacts
• Future-oriented event agenda
• Evaluation of the present media presence
Issue management
• Professional stakeholder dialog
• Issue monitoring and analysis
• Risk communication
• Crisis monitoring and damage control
• Editing wordings and argument lists

Overview of our services II

Training and coaching: your appearance in media
• Talk show and interview in TV and radio
• Statement and interview in the press
• Moderation and press conference
• Contact with media in times of crisis
Training and coaching: your internal communication
• Leadership and confidence
• Motivation and employees
• Conflict mediation
• Negotiation management
Training and coaching: your contact to interest groups
• Image and reputation management
• Customer-oriented discussion management
• Crisis simulation and management
• Special: NGO communication
Training and coaching: your personal style
• Personality development and profiling
• Rhetorical and communication style
• Speeches, lectures and addresses
• Self and time management
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